Our Story

It all began in 2014 when Aidan Lister, co-founder and chief executive of Uptick, was managing a multimillion-dollar project in the fire protection industry. Aidan quickly realised that the industry was massively underserved by traditional job management software because it’s so regulatory based and very intricate.

So the first product we took to market was Workforce, a fire protection and auditing tool that makes managing workflows much more straightforward. Unlike generic software, Workforce is purpose-built for the fire protection industry and designed to move the needle on technology and innovation in building compliance. We have grown rapidly over the past five years, expanding our product offering to include a range of building maintenance and compliance tools, and centralising a wealth of building data not available anywhere else.

Our Culture

Uptick is now Australia’s first compliance network, cultivating a creative workforce and encouraging staff to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Uptick employs 32 full-time staff in our Melbourne office and covers twenty percent of the Australian commercial property market.

We’re an innovative tech company pushing the boundaries and attracting a lot of second-generation start-uppers who have worked in a much sexier B2C product but are telling us that working with us on improving the safety of buildings we all work and live in is so rewarding, exciting and purposeful. Moments like the Grenfell Tower fire in London are traumatic, but they remind us all of why what we do is so important. You can catch us at a local pub in Abbotsford Friday afternoons to find out more.

"The human cost of not taking fire compliance seriously is front and centre in people's minds now."

Aidan Lister, Co-founder and CEO of Uptick

What's Next

We currently maintain more than twenty percent of all commercial property in Australia, including national brands like Commonwealth Bank, Scentre Group (owner and operator of Westfield) and Smarter Communities, which manages over 5000 apartment buildings. Cumulatively, 100,000 buildings and 2.2 million total assets are maintained using Uptick technology with a total of $15,000,000+ invoiced through Uptick monthly.

Despite the emergence of the ‘PropTech’ industry, the majority of commercial buildings in Australia are maintained the same way they were 30 years ago. We are creating solutions that allow buildings to be serviced at a scale unimaginable in Australia, with people-centric, facility management backed by data. With plans to expand the cloud offering so emergency responders can access everything they need to know about a building in seconds, the future is bright for Uptick, the fire protection industry and building maintenance and compliance In Australia.

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