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Data security at Uptick

Understand our multi-layer approach to securing your data within our technical and business infrastructure.

Last updated 10th May 2019.

Devices policy

Third-party device policy for laptops, desktops, and mobile devices to get the best Uptick experience.

Last updated 14th Feb 2021.

Enterprise SLAs for big business

Large enterprises can request a customised Service Level Agreement which promises 99.95% uptime through an enterprise SLA policy.

Last updated 21st Dec 2020.

Data Protection Addendum (GDPR)

Data Protection Addendum (GDPR) for UK customers

Last updated 1st Jul 2021.

Keeping your data safe

The Privacy Policy deals with the protection of Your privacy and sets out how Uptick manages Personal Information, in relation to Our Site and Products.

Last updated 12th July 2021.

Product update policy

Understand how Uptick updates our products to provide customers with the best experience and the least hassle.

Last updated 1st Jul 2021.

Professional services policy

Understand the framework for how Uptick provides additional professional services on request.

Last updated 1st Jul 2021.

Refer and save with Uptick

Earn discounts by referring customers to Uptick through our referral policy.

Last updated 1st Aug 2020.

List of subprocessors (GPDR)

List of subprocessors (GPDR)

Last updated 1st Aug 2021.

Customer support policy

See our commitment to supporting our customers make the most of Uptick products.

Last updated 1st Jan 2019.

Template customisation

Learn more about how we customise templates for our customers to enhance their company brand and communications.

Last updated 1st Jul 2021.