Simple monthly fee

Your monthly fee is calculated on the number of people using the product, and includes updates to the system every month. Your platform will never become obsolete, and you'll never pay for an upgrade again.

How does it work?

We offer three pricing plans depending on the modules that your organisation requires. Each module offers a way for you to significantly improve the efficiency of your business. Don't worry, you can change plans at any time.

Once you've chosen your plan you can start a free trial to get a feel for the system. The free trial takes place on our demo server, pre-loaded with data to help get you started. When you're satisfied with the demo, you'll be able to upgrade, select your plan and start saving money with Uptick's powerful efficiency tools.

Your monthly fee also covers membership to the Uptick Network, an increasing number of councils, facilities managers, and strata companies that will only deal with Uptick powered suppliers.

Workforce pricing plans

Don't worry - you can change plans at any time.


  • manage clients, suppliers, and contracts
  • correspondence archiver
  • document management
  • asset management
  • knowledge base
  • task and job management
  • custom templates
  • appointments
  • accounting integrations
  • automated dispatching
  • realtime dashboards
  • business intelligence dashboards


Contains everything in
Lite and ...
  • client portal
  • complex pricing tiers
  • portfolio analytics
  • key registry
  • defect quoting
  • rectifications module
  • workorders / subcontracting module


Contains everything in
Standard and ...
  • sales quoting
  • tendering module
  • signoffs module
  • custom fields
  • dynamic forms and pre-start checklists
  • major system servicing
  • lifecycle maintenance module
  • stock management
  • contractor compliance
  • SAML single sign-on
  • access to our powerful API

Additional services

We offer a range of additional services to help you get on your way faster with Uptick.

Service Description
Integration consulting

Your job management system is the heart of your company, minimize any disruption to your business by engaging our integration consulting team.

Our consultants will analyze your current processes and suggest workflows to streamline your business through the Uptick rollout. We'll develop a tailored training plan, and continually follow up to make sure we're hitting your KPIs for success.

Data migration

Our data migration consultants will migrate your legacy system data onto Uptick, eliminating any manual data entry work and ensuring you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

Custom modules

Sometimes you'll have business critical processes that aren't covered by the Uptick suite of modules, we can design and build additional modules for you that plug seamlessly into the Uptick ecosystem.

Premium support

All plans come with business hours support, however premium support is available should you need round the clock support for a 24 hour service team, or a tailored service level agreement. Premium support also includes advanced configuration requirements, on-site training or business consulting.

Dedicated hosting

If you want the additional control and security associated with dedicated hosting you can run the Uptick cloud suite on your own private cloud. This allows you to go beyond customisation with code-level options for customising Uptick.