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Workforce by Uptick

Australia’s leading job management system in the fire protection and essential safety measure industry

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We help maintain over 20% of all commercial property in Australia

Workforce is built to help your business maximise profit. Every process is designed to save you time in the office, time in the field, and win more business with photographic quotes and a beautiful customer portal.

Programme Maintenance

With built in programme maintenance frequencies and tolerances from AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005, as well as other relevant essential safety measure schedules, you can set up a new site quickly and easily and allow your customers to explore their PPM.

  • Easily assign default technicians, or multiple technicians to a task.
  • Split tasks by department, or group them to allow multi-skill technicians to complete multiple tasks

Programme Maintenance

uptick scheduled maintenance


uptick scheduled maintenance


Our fast drag and drop scheduler allows you to easily plan your teams week to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Easily view team availability in a day or week view, as well as location, when responding to a callout.
  • Schedule recurring jobs with ease: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 2pm - no problem!

Defect Quoting

Technicians can easily identify defects from a pick-list, storing the severity (non-conformance, non-critical defect, critical defect), timestamp and location automatically along with any photos taken.

Send beautiful, easy to understand quotes, filled with photos that help your customer understand the repairs required.

Allow your senior technicians to prepare and send quotes from the field, saving you office time.

Technicians can suggest the exact repair product, allowing instant quoting in the office.

Break your quotes up how you like: either by department, severity, new or existing.

Online approval allows your customers to approve their quote and enter an authorisation reference.


Whether your customer needs a schedule of rates, invoices quarterly in-advance, or do-and-charge - we've got you covered.

  • Easily track technician hours with built in timesheets, and materials used on site.
  • Simplify your process by allowing technicians to create purchase orders at jobs, and have them either auto-approved under a certain limit, or reviewed and approved in office.


uptick scheduled maintenance

Mobile App, Work Online or Offline

Stay connected with the Workforce mobile app. A field services app that technicians love.

Flexible & Personable

Clear view of the day to day workload


Simple and fast

Detailed building access instructions and contact lists


Retain knowledge

Easy servicing, pass or fail items with one click inspections


Realtime Data

View all tasks by location on a map

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