Uptick vs FireMate

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Searching for the right fire protection software for your business? Make the switch from FireMate to Uptick and experience an increase in productivity with easy-to-use, customisable, cloud-based tools that your field technicians and office staff will thank you for, and your customers will rave about.

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Uptick vs FireMate

Fire industry specific
Built for the needs of the Australian, New Zealand and UK fire protection industry.
Information security management accreditation
Accreditation verifying customer data encrypted (at rest and in transit), secure protocols used, and data protection policies in place.
Uptick is continuously monitored and audited against ISO 27001, the gold standard for securing customer data against loss or theft.
FireMate does not advertise a security accreditation.
Email integration
Integrate with your email provider (Outlook, Gmail, etc) to capture and save inbound and outbound emails against a site, customer, or task.
Realtime syncing and work offline
Automatically sync changes from the technician to the office, and vice versa, without manual intervention and work in fully offline mode in basements or rural areas without coverage.
FireMate requires technicians to manually "sync" to push changes live.
Fully in-the-cloud
Modern desktop software is exclusively delivered through your browser allowing high security and instant updates.
While FireMate's data lives in the cloud, the desktop product requires installation of an application.
Subcontractor portal
Subcontractors can complete assigned tasks simply without installing software.
FireMate does not have a subcontractor portal: subcontractors must pay a license fee and install an app.
Customer portal
Customers can download reports, invoices and approve quotes through an online portal.
Floor plans
Save technician time on site with geospatial asset registers.
Firemate does not have floorplans or geospatial asset registers.
Fully documented APIs allow you to extend your platform, integrate third-party products, or build automations.
FireMate does not publish a public API specification.
Custom data capture and forms
Unlimited custom fields against any piece of data, and build-your-own forms for customer specific risk assessments, site auditing, or custom data capture.
FireMate limits you to 6 custom fields on an asset, and does not have a form builder for custom forms for technicians or office staff.
BI suite
Extract, combine and visualise your data to create custom management reporting, with full drill down capability or emailed to you on a schedule.
FireMate does not offer a BI tool, you are limited to the built-in reports.
Projects, minor and major works
Keep track of projects, minor and major works through our Jobs module.

Want to understand what your onboarding process looks like? You'll have a dedicated onboarding manager to help you migrate your data, train your team, and configure your system the way you want it.

The features you can expect when you make the switch from FireMate to Uptick.


Increase billable hours and reduce downtime using smart scheduling.

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Forms & Risk Management

Quickly meet site-specific requirements with automated forms built into workflows.

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Purchase Orders

Ordering materials, sub-contracting labour, and tracking purchases has never been easier.

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Built-in Standards

Take the guesswork out of your operations and ensure you’re meeting legislative safety standards.

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Programmed Maintenance

Plan ahead with automated service routines and programmed maintenance.

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Project Management

Stop letting tasks slip through the cracks, deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Timesheets & productivity

Track billable hours and get a comprehensive overview of time spent completing a task.

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Management Reporting

Easily measure contract performance, tech performance, customer SLAs and profitability.

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Subcontractor & Trades Management

Assigning and reporting on jobs to Subcontractors has never been easier.

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Geospatial Floorplans

Reduce the time spent looking for assets with floorplans and geospatial mapping.

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Customer Portal

Give your clients access to a customer portal they'll actually use.

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Remote Monitoring

Don’t wait for preventative maintenance inspections; get notified as soon as there is an issue.

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Grow your business and delight your customers with Uptick.

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Uptick is a FPAA Gold Member
Uptick is a member of the NFIA
Uptick is a member of The FPA UK
Uptick is a member of FIA UK