30 March 2022

Senior UX Designer

3-9 Yarra Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067 (Flexible)
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Company background

Uptick is Australia's fastest-growing provider of field-servicing software for building compliance. Their all-in-one asset maintenance solution allows service providers to manage their mobile workforce, maintain customer assets and report on compliance, ultimately to improve building safety, reduce admin costs and improve efficiencies.

Uptick was founded in 2014 by Aidan Lister when he saw a significant modernisation opportunity to improve the way buildings are maintained. His belief is that if Uptick improves the visibility of maintenance and compliance, they can improve the safety of billions of buildings, create huge efficiency and ultimately protect lives. The success of his vision has been undergirded by the quality of Uptick's SaaS offering which is now used to maintain over 25% of Australian commercial and multi-storey residential buildings, by field servicing companies performing critical asset maintenance.

Uptick currently has 200+ customers and a 99% retention rate. Over 450,000+ buildings and millions of assets are maintained using Uptick's software every year. With a growth rate near 90% they are targeting international expansion into the NZ and UK markets. The US and Canada markets represent a further medium-term growth opportunity.

The business recently received a significant investment round from Accel-KKR. This investment and partnership will enable Uptick to fuel their international expansion, grow their customer success capabilities and accelerate their ambitious product roadmap. This marks Uptick's fourth funding round - early investors include Australia investment firms such as Folklore Ventures and Equity Venture Partners.