Uptick template customisation process

Put your best foot forward with beautiful customer report templates

Uptick templates are fully customisable and incredibly flexible, allowing you to present the information you or your customers want, how you want. You can edit your own templates (with simple HTML and CSS in the template editor) or Uptick offers paid template customisation services:

Our template customisation process:
1. Request a change

You can request a template change and easily mark up an example of what you're after in the 'Templates' section within your site configurations. Then we'll provide a quote per the below schedule of rates.

2. Delivered within 7-28 days

Once approved, you’ll receive an invoice and our template team will build the report and contact you if they need any more information. You'll receive updates as your template progresses through the queue.

3. One round of changes

Some customisation options allow for iterations. So, once you've gone live with the report you can request a round of changes to polish or refine the changes that we’ve made. Note: new changes should not be introduced at this stage.

Uptick standard templates

Templates available in the standard library are available to all customers. Headers and footers on our standard templates will be customised to match your company brand during your onboarding.

Uptick template pricing

Estimated hoursTime allowed for completionAllowed iterations after completionPrice*
New template (complex)
> 8hrs10 business days2$3,000
New template
< 8hrs10 business days2$1,500
Existing template change
< 3hrs10 business days0$299
Existing template change (minimal)
< 15min30 days0FREE

*Pricing excludes GST

Request a template change

Uptick provides all customers with the ability to customise their templates to match their company branding, or completely customise the way information is provided. You can request template customisation within the Site Configuration Panel under 'Templates'.

Just joined uptick? If you have a customisation request before you have access to your server, fill out this form.