Multi-task projects made easy

Stop letting tasks slip through the cracks, deliver projects on time and on budget.

Take the stress out of project planning.

Effectively run projects up to $1M, with automation, real-time visibility, customisable dashboards, and profitability reports.

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Manage multiple tasks in the one project

Segment projects into manageable stages, sections of buildings, cost centres or allocated technicians and keep on top of progress with ease.

Accurately track costs

Easily view real-time costs across multiple tasks, cost centres and project codes and manage progress claim invoicing.

Feel supported

With unlimited phone and email support from a dedicated, industry trained team - based in your country, you can be confident that your staff aren't offline when it matters.

Grow your business

With comprehensive analytics and robust reporting, you can make data-driven decisions and grow your business with confidence.

Increase productivity

Reduce downtime in the field, stop double-handling information and cut down on unnecessary back-office paperwork and administration.

Measure and improve

Track important KPIs, set targets and improve your business operations by understanding them.

Impress your customers

Exceed service expectations and provide the ultimate level of transparency by giving your customers access to a real-time customer portal.

Work remotely

Work smarter, not harder. Manage your workforce, keep an eye on projects and track your finances from anywhere, anytime on mobile or desktop.

Bend and flex

Not every business is the same. Uptick offers complete flexibility and customisation no matter how unique your workflows are.

Sleep easy

Uptick is built on a modern, robust infrastructure. With bank-grade security and near-zero downtime, you can rely on Uptick.

Grow your business and delight your customers with Uptick.

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