Uptick Workforce

Find assets faster with floorplans

Reduce the time spent onsite by 40% with floorplans and geospatial mapping.

Build a geospatial register for all assets.

Using a combination of publically available data, and detailed service history or a verified mapping partner like Locatrix, create a beautiful, accurate floorplan for all your assets.

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Save time in the field

Increase efficiencies and reduce the time it usually takes to locate assets like fire extinguishers or emergency lights throughout entire buildings, across multiple floors with the geospatial register.

It's fast for technicians to get started too. Automatically create a ground floor map from Google Maps, or from a photo of the evacuation plan, or upload a pre-existing PDF.

Increase customer insights

Provide greater visualisation and understanding to customers with a visual representation of their assets on a geospatial map.