Uptick Logbooks

Ditch the paper and secure your compliance data.

Improve compliance, keep your data safe, reduce your carbon footprint and equip technicians with a record of precisely what to document for routine services - all at their fingertips.

Go digital. It’s free!

Digital Logbooks are simple to use and the app is free. Try it today. Available on the Apple or Google Play Store.

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Keep your data safe

Paper logbooks can be consumed in a fire, damaged in flood, lost or misplaced, leaving your business exposed to the risk of non-compliance. Digital logbooks utilise cloud-based secure storage. Meaning your critical asset data is always kept safe.

Efficient asset maintenance

With all forms from AS1851, Digital Logbooks equip technicians with a record of precisely what to document for routine services and access to a comprehensive asset audit trail.

Improve Compliance

Powerful technology enables a digital copy of the logbook to be left on-site for relevant authorities including the MFB, CFA or local council via a bSECURE QR code.

Built-in data capture

We've done the hard work for you. With built-in data capture based on localised legislative standards, including AS1851, NZS, BS and more.

Flexible data capture

You're not just restricted to simple fields. Collect all the relevant data, make it available where you need it, and even generate plots automatically.

Real-time information

Ensure technicians know exactly what data needs to be recorded for routine-service.

Improve Compliance

Adhere to Australian Safety Standards AS 1851-2012.

Data Protection

Use cloud based secure storage to protect critical data.

Reduce Paper

Protect the environment and reduce paper waste.

Grow your business and delight your customers with Uptick.

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