Uptick Compliance

A beautiful compliance portal for building owners and managers.

Get compliant, stay compliant.

Go from job raised to work order issued in no time at all

Uptick Compliance is built to centralise real time information about your portfolio in an easy to use portal that integrates with your service providers and auditors, ensuring all your compliance information is available when and where you want it.

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You'll be in good company

"We were at a point where the operating system was holding us back, and it was time for a major change."

Tony Kline
CEO, Kline Fire

"We were very good at our technical job, but we were falling short of communicating with our customers."

Alistair Nicoll
CEO, LinkFire

"Uptick provided a means for AESG to regain control."

Kim Rockman
Integration Ready

Powerful integrations with third party compliance data. We’ll bring all your compliance data into one clear compliance portal that gives you peace of mind and actionable insights.

Contractor Attendance

Avoid nasty surprises. Easily view and track contractor attendance and access reports. Spend more time managing risk and less time seeking information.

Annual Certification

Real time forecasting, reviewing and monitoring of annual certification audits. Easily identify issues in advance and track action. Maximise compliance and rectify issues efficiently.

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Access and maintain key information about properties that allow you to rapidly and accurately provide everyone with the information they need to get the job done.

Grow your business and improve your compliance with Uptick.

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