Beautiful solutions designed for your industry

Uptick is designed and built for facility and strata managers, maintenance service providers, small business and building owners, insurers and contractors.

Fire Safety Industry

Streamline your processes and easily manage your programme maintenance, repairs and callouts with a system specifically designed for the fire protection industry.

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Flexible Programme Maintenance

Structure a building against built in programs AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005 to ensure that your technicians are servicing correctly. You can also easily customise programs for non standard routines

Smart Work Allocation

Our fast scheduler allows you to easily plan your teams week to ensure maximum efficiency. Dispatch one or more technicians at once and select contractors based on skill and geo location and availability for maximum productivity.

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One-click Dispatch

Keep contractors and clients happy and boost efficiency with quick invoicing, quoting and service reports.

Powerful Business Insights

Manage your finances and improve your profit margins with unprecedented visibility of all jobs, charges, costs and resources. Don't wait until the end of the month to know what's happening in your business, Uptick gives you real time insight into your fire safety operations whenever you need it.

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A powerful job management solution for service providers and contractors. Run your business operations with higher efficiency, lower costs, better compliance and unprecedented visibility.

Strata and Facilities Management

Cut administrative time in half and perform maintenance work faster than ever. Easily connect and coordinate everyone involved in all aspects of building maintenance. Manage assets, work orders and contractors from your office and on the go.

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Streamline Reactive Work

Manage reactive maintenance easily and quickly, go from job raised to work order issued in no time at all. Uptick Maintenance makes it simple to collate all information about a job and send it on to contractors (including property preferred) faster than you can compose an email.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

As a facility manager half of your time is spent on administrative tasks preventing you from working on your business. Uptick can help you save time and money by automating recurring maintenance activities.

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Fast Quotes and Approvals

Quickly pick from a network of contractors that you trust to provide you with a quote. We give them a clear rundown of what you need quoted and easy tools to get back to you. From there it is just a push of a button to summarise all options for approval from OC or insurance.

Automate and Personalise Email Updates

Provide self service key information for tenants, OC members, building managers, insurers and contractors alike. Automatically subscribe anyone who needs to be kept up to date as a job progresses and customise templates to add a personal touch.

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Easy to use maintenance management system for strata and facility managers. Streamline your work order process and stop wasting time and money sending emails and attending meetings.

Property Owners

Organisations, owners and compliance managers are obliged to comply with a growing number of building related legislative requirements and government directives. Achieving compliance is becoming increasingly difficult. Uptick’s compliance portal gives you unprecedented visibility to your portfolio’s risk and actionable insights to manage risk and liability.

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