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LINKfire triples revenue and doubles staff

... using Uptick. Australia's first building compliance network, bringing auditors, fire protection and HVAC service providers, FMs and building owners into one platform.

"We've gone from under 40 staff to over 80 full-time staff. Revenue has increased threefold. The amount of staff, the volume of work, and the profitability has certainly increased exponentially."
Alistair Nicoll
Founder and Managing Director, LinkFire
Full time staff doubled from 40 to over 80

Revenue has tripled since implementation

More efficient internal and external workflows

LINKfire is a successful and profitable Program Maintenance company in the Fire and Essential Services space. LINKfire maintains around nine and a half thousand buildings of varying sizes, from small factories to multilevel buildings in the CBD.

As one of the first companies to embrace software, Alistair Nicoll initially thought he would be able to build his own technology.

“To tell the truth, it nearly sent this business broke and it was in chaos, it really was chaos,” said Alistair.

Implementing Uptick and having the team follow through on promises

It was at this time Alaistair was introduced to Uptick Founder Aidan, and the rest of the team. Operations Manager at LINKfire, Madison Barrie, was largely involved in this process, citing it as unlike other onboarding processes.

“Moving on to Uptick we were able to create efficiencies within the office which enabled us to streamline a lot of the processes. We had a lot of support from the team members at Uptick sitting next to us day-by-day teaching us all of the processes that we needed to be taught,” said Madison.

A product that field technicians love and actually use

With easy-to-use interface and functionality, LINKfire technicians are able to use Uptick with ease, creating a more streamlined workflow and more cohesive process.

“If you’ve got the field technicians to embrace a product and can use a product to what it’s designed to do, it makes everything else through the whole business run so much more simple,” said Alistair.

Uptick means everything you need is a click away

Uptick gives LINKfire the power to access any data that they need in a click, creating a user friendly experience.

“I can tell you at any time of the month where we’re at on revenue, profit and all those things,” said Alistair.

LINKfire now run a paperless environment

“We run a paperless environment now. We’ve goes from using a photocopier that went through thousands and thousands of copies a month that doesn’t do anything these days. And I put that down to the software,” said Alistair.

LINKfire has doubled their full-time staff since using Uptick hey are able to generate a higher profit for all office-based employees

LINKFire is now able to generate a higher profit off all office-based employees, going from 40 full-time staff to over 80.

“This has created efficiencies across the board and is also meant we’re able to generate a higher profit for all office-based employees, which as contributed to an increase in business profits,” said Madison.

Revenue has increased threefold

“The amount of staff, the volume of work, and the profitability has certainly increased exponentially. Would I recommend Uptick? Given what I’ve already told you, I think it’s a no brainer,” said Alistair.

The change involved people, process and technology. Uptick helped across all these areas, not just technology. LINKfire started to see improved efficiency in the field and the office in less than three months.

You'll be in good company

"We were at a point where the operating system was holding us back, and it was time for a major change."

Tony Kline
CEO, Kline Fire

"LINKfire triples revenue and doubles staff with Uptick."

Alistair Nicoll
CEO, LinkFire

"Uptick provided a means for AESG to regain control."

Kim Rockman