bSECURE, the future of asset protection

6 April 2021

The Uptick vision is to make real-time compliance the default in the asset protection industry.

The Uptick vision will see every building will have a digital compliance twin, a simple source of truth for all stakeholders, including the owner, facility manager, service provider, auditor and relevant authorities.

We believe this increased visibility and transparency will help the entire industry grow, and ultimate save lives by making buildings safer.

Because of this, we’ve created state-of-the-art feature highlights and are leading the way in pushing the asset protection industry forward with leading technology.

bSECURE is an important feature solution that turns any piece of equipment or asset into a digital “dropbox”, giving Facility Managers, Owners, Service Providers, Auditors and relevant authorities access to the information they need where they need it.

It creates a single source of truth for property compliance data; instantly available where it is needed.

What is bSECURE?

bSECURE is a free, open repository for asset and building information. It is accessed via a simple QR code sticker that can be placed on any asset or building. bSECURE does not need an app, it is accessed simply by using the camera on your Android or iOS smartphone.

bSECURE for assets
Give your customers ultimate transparency

Allow your customers to see the current compliance status and the latest service information for any piece of equipment.

Improve communication

Facility managers, owners and tenants can report a defect providing you additional opportunities for callout revenue, and saving your tech time on site finding the specific piece of equipment.

Privacy is paramount

Your private information is kept safe. Third-parties scanning the sticker will only have access to information that would be visible to the public.

bSECURE for buildings
Simple attendance register

Use the simple check-in facility to provide your customers with a full attendance register for all contractors arriving on-site, making your customer portal even more valuable.

Digital logbooks

Access and create digital logbooks, replacing paper logbooks on-site, better for the environment and safer place to store critical service history.

Baseline data

Provide your customers with a simple baseline data repository for every site, including block plans, floor plans, Dire Engineering Reports and documentation around performance solutions, SIT test matrixes and major service base dates.

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