How is Uptick eliminating site revisits and assisting technicians?

28 January 2021

We chatted with A.D.I.T Services to understand more about how Uptick has increased team efficiency, reduced double handling and helped improve cash flow.

What was life like for Technicians pre-Uptick?

“I used to have to come to the office everyday and you’d have a list of jobs and you’d have to fill out a sheet, JSA, and this-and-that on paper, and it would take a long time and sometimes you’d lose sheets of paper.”

- Gavin, Technician @A.D.I.T Services

How did Uptick transform this process on a day-to-day basis for A.D.I.T Services?
Quickly and easily log required materials

A trip onsite usually results in materials needing to be ordered. Rather than write what is needed down on paper and let the office manager know the following day, technicians are able to easily jot what is needed down on the notes in the Uptick app.

This way, the Office Manager can immediately access what is required and order it instantly, speeding up the entire process.

Eliminate the need for site revisits

Because technicians are able to write down the materials needed for a site instantly, office staff are able to order the materials in advance and have them stocked up in vans and trucks. That way there is no need for a revisit, because the stock is already with them.

Create quotes, instantly

Technicians are able to take photos and upload them to the Uptick app, assisting the Office Manager to create accurate quotes, faster.

See real-time progress at a glance

Photos uploaded to the app from the technicians gives real-time job progress updates, meaning the business can have a clear perspective on job progress and how it’s moving along.

The office staff are informed as soon as they have completed a job. They can then let the clients know immediately, meaning the process flows seamlessly.

More responsibility for technicians with less office time required

Because Uptick means that technicians aren’t required to be in the office as often because they are able to be communicated with constantly via the app, it’s given them a lot more responsibility for what they do, and how they plan their day.

Uptick allows technicians to be assigned with jobs halfway through their day, deal with emergencies in a much more efficient and timely manner, get to sites quicker and for the office staff to have real visibility of what they are doing in real-time.

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